Fence Specifications:

Post Information
Note: all post are set 6' apart for added fence strength unless otherwise requested by customer

Treated wood posts (set 24" deep in concrete) are an economical choice but may warp or twist causing gate dysfunction and entire fence will not be straight. Warping may accure within days or weeks of installation.

Cedar posts (set 24" deep in concrete) are a better choice. They are more stable than treated posts but have a tendency to rot at ground level after 12-15 years.

Galvanized steel posts are your best choice and will be set 30" to 36" deep depending on layout requirements. Post are 2 3/8" DIA., .095 Gal., set with 100 lbs. of concrete. Post will include metal caps

Nail Information

1 7/8" & 2 1/4" Screw Shank Galvanized nails.


Wood to metal Wap-O's with 1 1/4" Lag Screws

Spruce Fence Information

Spruce/Whitewood is an economy wood, irregularities, warping, and blemishes are common and should be expected. Texture and color also may vary. Life expectancy is 5 to 8 years under normal conditions. Some fences have been known to only last three years. Life span can be increase with sealing or staining.

Cedar Fence Information

Three grades of cedar are available; all weather and wear the same. Fairway Greens recommends only using Clear and #1 cedar. Grade #2 cedar is not recommeded due to the number of knot holes which causes the fences appearance to unsitely. These knot holes will fall out in time reducing the privacy in which the fence was intended. Cedar fences with steel posts should easily last 15 - 20 years plus under normal conditions. Cedar is naturally weather, rot, and insect resistant, but resistance is greatly reduced after the fence has dried. Fairway Greens recommends sealing or staining to assist and extend the natural resistance.

Cedar Options

Standard # 2 Grade Cedar Pickets
Not recommended. Knots are plentiful. Blemishes and color variation are extremly noticable. Colors vary from light to dark brown.

# 1 Western Red Cedar Pickets
This grade is the most commonly installed, finer in appearance and fewer blemishes. Knot quantities and size are unpredictable, though generally knots are fewer and smaller with slight, if any, color variations. Full cut 1"x4" or 1" x 6". Available in Flat Top, Dog Ear, Gothic, and French Gothic.

Clear Western Red Cedar Pickets (99% Knot Free)
Our finest quality! These premium pickets are beautiful, very consistent and practically knot and blemish free. We highly recommend choosing this wood when knot size, quantity, or general appearance is a concern.

Additional Information

2" x 4" Heavy Duty Cedar or Treated Pine Rails- "Rails" are the horizontal boards that connect between the posts and serve as the framework of the fence. 2" x 4" rails are much larger and stronger than standard 2" x 3" rails. These rails also substantially extend the life and strength of your new fence. Rails will be staggered seam when post are six foot apart

2" x 6" Treated Baseboard- This pressure treated board stands on edge between the ground and the bottom of the fence. This increases the height of the fence, adds additional support, and keeps the bottom of the fence from rotting.

Cedar Top Cap - This is a cedar 2x6 or 2x8 board on top of the fence adding to the fences stubility and frames the top of the fence creating a finished custom look.

Board on Board - The ultimate in privacy. Installed for totall privacy with little or no creaks between pickets. 1 1/4" Over lap on each side of pickett to reduce sun cracks. 1"x4" and 1"x6" pickets available. Great for pools, jacuzzies, etc. where total privacy is wanted.

All 6' fences will contain three 2"x4" rails & six nails for each picket

All 7' fences will contain three 2"x4" rails & six nails for each picket

All 8' fences will contain four 2"x4" rails & eight nails for each picket

Standard 6' gates will have three hinges

Standard 8' fences will have four hinges and a header, making the gate height 7'.

Customer will be given the option to choose cedar or treated rails. Consult sales rep. for our experience with both.

Staining is available in a variety of colors and can be applied before construction of fence. Pre-dipping the fence provides a complete coverage of the wood. Staining of the fence after construction will not fully reach inbetween pickets.

Underground Utilities- Fairway Greens will call Dig Tess. This is a line locate notification service that will notify all utility companies to mark their lines(this is the law).


 Fairway Greens is not responsible for unmarked lines.. This includes but not limited to - sprinkler systems, pool equipment, telephone, gas lines, etc..
Repairs to these lines will be at property owners expense.


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