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    Are you Looking for a way to get a Lush Thick Beautiful Lawn without breaking the bank? Then Hydromulch is for you!

    Quality Hydromulch Provided by Fairway Greens:

    1/3 to 1/2 the price of sod

    • Hydromulch is less than sod because the property owner has elected to grow the grass and not to pay the sod company for growing, weeding, palletizing, and shipping.

    Superior Erosion Control due to Thickness Of Material Applied
    • Hydromulch success and pricing is in direct proportion to the quality and quantity of mulch material applied to the area. Fairway Greens has the experience to put the correct amount to control even the steepest slope, keeping the soil were is belongs even under stormy conditions.

    Only Wood Fiber used

    • Virgin wood fiber out performs paper product in seed germination and erosion control.

    Trained Professionals produce Lush Grass with the first application

    • Fairway Greens has experience in many areas of the landscape industry including but not limited to Hydromulch, landscaping, sprinkler system, dirt work, fences, and drainage. With this experience Fairway Greens can provide a complete installation with all the steps connecting in perfect harmony with superior results over other contractors.

    Hydromulch environmentally safe and effective way to establish                 your  lawn

    • Hydromulch is safe to pets, children, and the environment. It is made from recycled wood.


    For more information Please read below or fill out the following Questionnaire




    Sod is instant grass. The sod comes in squares or rolls of grass with a root and top vegetation already formed. The sod is grass that has been removed from a farm and put on pallets ready for installation.


    Hydrosprigging is the process of taking grass sprigs (pieces of grass with roots), mulch,fertilizer, tactifier,and water. This mix is placed in a machine and spray under pressure to form a uniform application.


    Hydromulch/Hydroseed consists of the mixing fiber mulch, grass seed, fertilizer and/or other agriculture approved additives (one is a tactifier or bonding agent) to water. This mix is placed in a machine to form a homogeneous slurry. The slurry is sprayed under pressure to form a uniform application over the soil. Hydromulching is when this slurry is 35 lbs. of mulch material or more per 1000 SF (1500 lbs. per acre). Anything less is called Hydroseeding.


    Types of grass and how they can be planted

    St. Augustine NO NO NO YES
    Common Bermuda YES YES YES YES
    Tiff Bermuda NO NO YES YES
    Improved Bermuda
    (Sahara, Sultan, etc.)
    Zoyzia YES YES YES YES
    Buffalo YES YES YES YES
    Fescue YES YES YES YES
    Centipede Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
    Rye-Annual/Perennial  Yes  Yes  No  Yes 


    For other grasses not listed please contact Fairway Greens


    Mulches - Wood vs. Paper

    Wood fiber is superior to paper because it will not totally form a solid covering. Wood Fiber has very small openings between the fibers to allow water, air, and nutrients to reach the seeds. This allows extremely thick applications to resist soil erosion and may be put on at a rate to slopes heavy enough to not to require erosion control blankets. Only wood fiber contains natural organic lignin and sugars which add soil nutrients as it biodegrades. Pure uncontaminated wood fiber holds ten times its weight in moisture enhancing grass survival

    Paper must be applied at Hydroseed rates. When applied at Hydromulching rates it forms a crust that smothers the seed and germination will fail. Therefore paper can only be applied at very low rates which only has minimal resistance to erosion.l. Paper is recycled newspaper and contains metal ink pigments.


    Hydromulch vs. Hydrosprigging vs. Hydroseeding vs. Seeding
    Hydrosprigging is using actual piece of grass, therefore you have growth the same day it is applied. Hydrosprigging allows you to plant grasses that otherwise you would have to pay the high price of sod.It also allows for a faster establishment with less water.

    Hydroseeding is better than just seeding. The mixture of fertilizer, tactifier, mulch and seed all soaked in water creates a process that germinates faster and is applied more evenly than seeding. Seeding can take several days of watering to reach the same stage of seed saturation as the other process is applied at.

    Hydromulch, because it is applied at heavier rates is superior Hydroseeding. Mulch will retain 10 times its weight in water. Therefore mulch applied at a heavy rate will result in large amounts of water retainage at the same time resist erosion due to bad weather. Hydromulch with a tactifier can successfully provide erosion control to slopes and flat areas with the greatest success over seed or Hydroseeding. Hydromulch and Hydroseeding forms a almost perfect environment for germination.


    What Product and Methods Do you use?

    Fairway Greens uses the Conwed product line of mulch. We use either 100% wood or a enviro blend which is 90% wood and 10% paper. Both products are superior in their erosion control and seed germination. A tactifier is included in most of our applications.

    A 17-17-17 fertilizer is used unless a different ratio is requested.

    In the Dallas Ft. Worth area the seeds commonly sprayed for home lawns are: common Bermuda, improved common Bermuda, Buffalo, Rye (annual and perennial), and Fescue. Wildflowers and other mixes can be used for special needs. Fairway Greens only uses the best seed available. For variety and questions contact me at info@fairwaygreens.com


    At what rates do you recommend?
    We will spray to customer specification but recommend Hydromulching. Almost all of our Hydromulching is sprayed at 45-50 Lbs. of wood fiber mulch, 20 Lbs. of fertilizer, and tactifier per 1000 sq. ft. (about 2000 Lbs. of fiber per acre). This will create the greatest possibility of success for our customers.


    What advantages are there to the Hydromulch applied by Fairway Greens?

    • Wood fiber is produced from pure uncontaminated raw lumber chips,and is free of lead paint or varnish contaminants---we use only top quality fiber, the highest obtainable
    • Wood fiber holds 10 times its weight in moisture enhancing grass survival
    • Wood fiber as it biodegrades adds natural organic sugars and lignin nutrients to the soil
    • Superior erosion control and germination performance due to the rate of application we recommend---- design to produce luxuriant turf
    • 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of sod and applied as recommend with customer maintenance yields superior results while saving money
    • Years of experience in commercial and residential applications---we are a subcontractor for many area Landscapers and General contractors
    • 60 day warranty
    • We are a full service contractor and can help with irrigation, fertilization, and care of your Hydromulch lawn upon installation and for many years to come. We recommend the right seed for the area and explain maintenance in detail.


    How long before I have grass?
    Several factors determine the time of germination of grass. The type of grass, season, and care provided by the customer all determine the out come. In most cases the grass will germination in 7 to 14 days and will be ready to mow in 3-4 weeks. For more exact information please EMAIL Fairway Greens with the type of grass and time of year you are considering to install.


    What happens to the Hydromulch?
    After several weeks it naturally break down and adds nutrient to the soil adding in the establishment of the grass.


    Maintenance of your new lawn - seed, sod, Hydroseed, Hydrosprig, or Hydromulch

    • Mowing your lawn - as soon as the new lawn is 1 1/2 - 2 inches high for Bermuda and St. Augustine, 3 inches for Fescue and rye it is time for the first mowing. Hybrid Bermudas and bent grass need to be cut shorter at 1/2 to 1 inch. Subsequent cuttings should be done often and no more than 1/3 of the grass remove at one time. For different types of grasses please contact Fairway Greens.
    • Weed Control - This is very serious --- do not use weed control produces on new young grass. The grass at this stage may react severely to the chemicals and dye. Weeds invade the grass all the time and you may want to hand pull or spot treat the lawn but never use weed and feed, pre-emergent, or treat the total lawn with killer at least for one year of growth. The best defense on weeds is a healthy lawn. Proper mowing, using quality fertilizer, and water creates the best lawn .

    • Watering - The establishment of your new lawn requires water. The Hydromulch, Hydrosprig, Hydroseed, or sod is in place and waiting. For Hydromulch, Hydrosprig or Hydroseed it must be kept moist at all times the first 14 days. The frequency and amount of water applied will be determined by soil composition, temperature, grass, and equipment used to water. Most Hydromulch, Hydrosprig, or Hydroseed need 2-3 times a day watering to ensure it is kept moist. The grass should at first have frequent light sprinklings. If this is not possible soak your lawn until run off is just detected in the morning and again in the evening. This process should be done for the first 2 - 21/2 weeks then cut back to once a day until first mowing. Don't let the mulch dry out it will die. Sod is saturated once or twice a day for the same time period. After the first mowing water for all types should be cut back on the number of times but increase on the amount of water. Slowly cut back to a point of long but infrequent watering to get the roots as deep as possible.

    • Fertilizing - Fertilizer is provided in all the types of installation. The sod farm fertilizes heavily, it does not need any additional for about three weeks after installation. Hydromulch, Hydroseed, and Hydrosprig will need to be fertilized within three weeks of installation or the first cutting which ever is sooner. The initial fertilizing for all the processes should be a quick release type. After the first application, use a slow release balance formula to help create a healthy and strong lawn.




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