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    LI 5457

    Fairway Greens is proud to announce its participation in Weathermatics Quality Contractor Program. We are part of an exclusive group of contractors who are shaping the irrigation industry toward professionalism. Fairway Greens installs and maintains the highest quality irrigation systems available today.

    Why Homeowners Feel Better About A Quality Contractor.

    Fairway Greens can help with all of your irrigation needs.


    • Installation   Fairway Greens installs a quality sprinkler system with water conservation in mind. We do not spray over concrete, zone beds and grass separate, rain and freeze sensors are included, and no risers in beds (we use 12" and 6" pop-ups for your safety) All systems covered with a 5 yr. parts and labor warrantee.

    • Repair- We can help solve the problems of bad installation,  winter damage, or normal maintenance to your system

    • Design-We sit down with our customers and review there landscape and future plans in detail so the best system can be installed to meet all there needs. With proper planning and care a Fairway Greens sprinkler system will deliver the right amount of water to deliver a lush and beautiful lawn and landscape.

    Fairway Greens has the experience with Landscape, Hydromulch, Maintenance, and Sprinkler systems that allow us to install a superior system. We install a safe system with neighbors, children, and maintenance in mind. By not installing risers we eliminate the possibility of accidental impalement from falling or stumbling. Eliminating water over concrete areas not only conserves water but, with the sensor also eliminates the hazard of ice and the accidents it causes in the winter. The rain sensor stops the wasteful watering when adequate rain fall has been received.  LI 5457

    Call us today for a estimate and start down the road to a less stress filled summer and beautiful Landscape

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